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If any event exemplifies the perverse essence of the Castro brothers’ gangster regime, the sinking of the “13 de Marzo” tugboat in July 1994 would undoubtedly be one of the most infamous, despite the long list of crimes committed by Cuba’s communist dictatorship.

July 11th, 2021, will be remembered as a pivotal day in the fight against Communism. On this day, thousands of Cubans took to the streets in an unprecedented demonstration that echoed across nearly every corner of the island. With speakers blaring the song “Patria y Vida” (“Homeland and Life”)—a direct challenge to the Cuban regime’s motto, “Homeland or Death”—many Cubans demonstrated for the first time in their lives.

VOC’s President and CEO, Dr. Eric Patterson, writes for Providence Magazine on the UN’s International Day of Conscience, urging the UN to use the day as an opportunity to stand against communism and all other forms of totalitarianism.

Recent research from VOC’s Dr. Adrian Zenz, Senior Fellow and Director in China Studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, helped to prompt an investigation into German chemicals producer BASF and its connections to Uyghur forced labor in Xinjiang. An article from The Guardian highlights Dr. Zenz’s findings and recent pressure on BASF by politicians around the world.

In an article titled What Evidence Shows About China and Uyghur Forced Labor Yahoo’s Jasmin Malik Chua breaks down the latest report from VOC’s Dr. Adrian Zenz. As Malik Chua writes, “If the furor over Uyghur forced labor in China shows no signs… Read More

VOC’s Dr. Adrian Zenz speaks with Newsweek on China’s Plan to Assimilate Tibet. As John Feng writes: Adrian Zenz, the director of China studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington, D.C., said Beijing’s method of targeting Tibetan… Read More

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) announced today the appointment of the Honorable Tidal W. (Ty) McCoy to the Board of Trustees. VOC also announced that the Board has elected a new Executive Committee, further expanding its impact and reach. “The… Read More

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) is proud to announce that its Board of Trustees has elected Dr. Elizabeth Edwards Spalding as its new Chairman. A VOC Trustee since 2018, Dr. Spalding previously served as VOC’s Vice Chairman and is the… Read More

Nuriman Abdureshid was born in Kashgar, in the Xinjiang region of China. She grew up in a small village surrounded by love from her parents and her siblings. Encouraged by her family to further her education, Nur left China in 2014… Read More

“For Beijing, this report is a major problem,” said Adrian Zenz, a senior fellow in China studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation and a leading critic of the policies in Xinjiang. “Despite some shortcomings, it speaks very strongly… Read More