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China Studies

The Washington Post’s Evan Halper spoke with VOC’s Dr. Adrian Zenz on Uyghur-made products infiltrating global supply chains.

In the Summer of 2017, my family’s world was shattered when we received news that 24 of my husband’s family members had gone missing, detained by the Chinese government. In September 2018, I dared to speak up about these unjust… Read More

VOC’s President, Ambassador Andrew Bremberg, joined Samantha Aschieris on The Daily Signal Podcast to discuss the threat of the communist ideology, the Chinese Communist Party, and the work of VOC’s China Studies Program to educate about these important issues.

The groundbreaking work of VOC’s China Studies team, led by Dr. Adrian Zenz, was heavily cited in a new report by the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party. Underscoring the severity of Beijing’s crimes against the Uyghurs, the… Read More

In an article titled What Evidence Shows About China and Uyghur Forced Labor Yahoo’s Jasmin Malik Chua breaks down the latest report from VOC’s Dr. Adrian Zenz. As Malik Chua writes, “If the furor over Uyghur forced labor in China shows no signs… Read More

In an article titled “As Liz Truss speaks out on China in Taiwan, new evidence emerges of abuse of Uyghur children,” the I’s Michael Day breaks down the latest report from VOC’s Dr. Adrian Zenz. As Day writes, “The research… Read More

In a new Foreign Policy op-ed, VOC’s Dr. Adrian Zenz argues that China’s use of coercive labor is getting less visible, but more intense. As Dr. Zenz writes, “Beijing has repeatedly claimed that there is ‘no forced labor’ in Xinjiang…. Read More

The Journal of Communist and Post-Communist Studies, an international, peer-reviewed scholarly publication, has released a groundbreaking report by VOC’s lead China expert, Dr. Adrian Zenz. The paper, Coercive Labor in the Cotton Harvest in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Uzbekistan: A Comparative… Read More

As Stuart Lau writes in POLITICO:  A new research paper previewed by POLITICO, Adrian Zenz, a leading scholar on Beijing’s repressive policies, casts doubt on the applicability of these rules by the ILO, a U.N. agency, arguing they were mainly drawn… Read More

VOC’s China Studies Research Fellow, Ethan Gutmann, wrote in Real Clear Politics about the war on religious freedom in China: “It’s morning in Istanbul, but Joseph is reliving his morning routine in the camp, before the 16-hour shift starts. After… Read More