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Voices for Freedom


Voices for Freedom is a multi-media documentation that highlights the powerful stories of witnesses of communism. From escaping the Soviet Union to defying Cuba’s Castro regime to surviving torture as a political prisoner to fighting communist infiltration in U.S. cities today, they share their stories of life under communism and how they survived and continue to combat this dangerous ideology. 

This series features personal testimonies in various formats, including videos and webinars.

Personal Testimony Video Series

Witnesses of communism from around the world share their stories in these long-form video testimonials. Hear from dissidents, human rights advocates, and witnesses of communism who all use their voices to advocate for freedom.

Featuring the following voices for freedom:

Watch all Voices for Freedom Personal Testimony Videos here.

Webinar Series

VOC hosts the “Voices for Freedom” online event series to highlight the tragic and powerful stories of victims of communist countries, past and present. From escaping North Korea to defying Cuba’s communist government to surviving torture as a political prisoner in Vietnam, witnesses will share what life under communism is really like, and how they survived and continue to combat communist regimes against all odds.