VOC Launches Online Teacher Certification

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation is excited to announce the launch of our new course for educators, the VOC Online Teacher Certification. This comprehensive course will equip teachers with the necessary tools to effectively teach students about communism’s history and deadly legacy.

As a complement to VOC’s online curriculum, Communism: A History of Repression, Violence, and Victims, the VOC Online Teacher Certification offers 24 hours of professional development credit across eight lessons. “The online course covers the specter of communism up to the 20th century, focusing on topics from Communism 101 and its ideological foundations to the impact of communist rulers such as Lenin and Stalin, through the Cold War to present communist nations such as China,” said Robert R. Williams, VOC’s Director of Academic Programs. “Each lesson contains video lectures, knowledge checks, supplementary readings, and helpful summaries for teachers to learn from and build upon in their own lesson plans.”

The VOC Online Teacher Certification was built by teachers for teachers. Each lesson centers on a lecture from a leading academic, including VOC’s Chairman Dr. Elizabeth Edwards Spalding, Dr. Jonathan Pidluzny, Dr. Gregory McBrayer, and Dr. Flagg Taylor. Relevant readings, both classical and contemporary, are provided for teachers to learn from and download for their students. “The online course was designed to benefit educators of all grades and provides thorough and accessible training on the deadliest ideology and system of rule the world has ever known,” said Ken Pope, VOC’s CEO.

“An entire generation of rising Americans, unaware of the true nature and history of communism, is warming to these failed ideas simply because they are ignorant of the facts,” said Ambassador Andrew Bremberg, VOC’s President. “That’s why this course is so critical. We must ensure that the more than 100 million killed and the 1.5 billion who still suffer under communist regimes are not forgotten.”

For press inquiries, please contact Michal Harmata, VOC’s Director of Communications, at michal.harmata@victimsofcommunism.org or (202) 629-9500.