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Jianli Yang, a VOC Truman-Reagan Freedom Medal laureate,  is a Tiananmen Square protester,  former political prisoner of China, the founder and president of Citizen Power Initiatives for China, and the author of “For Us, the Living: A Journey to Shine… Read More

Russian President Vladimir Putin first took power in 2000. He succeeded Boris Yeltsin in Russia’s first peaceful transition of power from one democratically elected leader to the next — ever. It was a historic moment for Russia. Putin, however, had… Read More

He was unable to preserve the Soviet ideological structure, but it wasn’t from lack of trying. Mikhail Gorbachev’s goal, according to his associates, was “socialism with a human face.” The belief that communism was reformable was what led him to… Read More

China’s recent publicity stunt showing happy Uyghurs celebrating an Islamic holiday is a transparent attempt to proclaim that all is well in the Xinjiang region. But here, around two million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities toil under a repressive Chinese government. For… Read More

By Amb. Andrew Bremberg, VOC President and CEO Will the U.N. Human Rights Council finally take up the issue of Communist China’s oppression of the Uyghurs? That’s the most important question as the council begins its latest session on June… Read More

By Jacob Lavee and Matthew P. Robertson Eight doctors at the Tongji Medical College hospital in Wuhan, China, traveled 40 miles on March 18, 1994, to procure a heart from a death-row prisoner. But rather than wait until the judicial authorities had… Read More

By Paula Dobriansky and Richard Levine The West can’t continue to pretend that a negotiated peace is possible in Ukraine. Not after Russia killed 57 civilians with a ballistic missile at the Kramatorsk train station. Any settlement could only legitimize Russia’s control… Read More

Don Ritter of Warrenton, Virginia represented the Lehigh Valley in Congress from 1979-1993. He is president and CEO emeritus, Afghan American Chamber of Commerce and a trustee of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. His visit to Ukraine in November… Read More

Paul G. Kengor is an author and professor of political science at Grove City College. The number of Russian combat deaths in Ukraine is striking, perhaps already exceeding the total dead in 10 years of war in Afghanistan from 1979-89…. Read More

The ongoing unprovoked and unjustified attacks on Ukraine by Russian military forces, described by Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “special military operation,” are illegal and contravene international law. This groundless aggression has significant long-term ramifications for the U.S. and the West. Meanwhile,… Read More