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By Paula Dobriansky and Richard Levine The West can’t continue to pretend that a negotiated peace is possible in Ukraine. Not after Russia killed 57 civilians with a ballistic missile at the Kramatorsk train station. Any settlement could only legitimize Russia’s control… Read More

Don Ritter of Warrenton, Virginia represented the Lehigh Valley in Congress from 1979-1993. He is president and CEO emeritus, Afghan American Chamber of Commerce and a trustee of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. His visit to Ukraine in November… Read More

Paul G. Kengor is an author and professor of political science at Grove City College. The number of Russian combat deaths in Ukraine is striking, perhaps already exceeding the total dead in 10 years of war in Afghanistan from 1979-89…. Read More

The ongoing unprovoked and unjustified attacks on Ukraine by Russian military forces, described by Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “special military operation,” are illegal and contravene international law. This groundless aggression has significant long-term ramifications for the U.S. and the West. Meanwhile,… Read More

The Chinese government is now engaged in two dangerous projects: the systematic repression of its people and the escalation of its strategic rivalry with the United States. Some of America’s largest companies have long been accused of complicity in both… Read More

It was a September day, hot and dusty, normal. Meryem Sultan was lined up in front of the school with three classes of Uyghur schoolkids waiting for the buses. Back when she was nine, Meryem hated these school trips to… Read More

I came to the United States about a decade ago from Cuba, where I was a pro-democracy student activist. The work I did there was mild by American standards; with a few of my friends, I organized small gatherings and… Read More

By Adrian Zenz, a senior fellow in China studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington, and Erin Rosenberg, an attorney specializing in international criminal law and reparations.   In January, the U.S. government determined China’s actions in… Read More

At an Aldermanic meeting on Friday, April 30, a small group of elected city officials listened to powerful and patriotic testimonies from a Venezuelan doctor whose partner was stabbed in a hospital, and a journalist who grew up oppressed in… Read More

Hong Kong sat atop the Heritage Foundation’s annual Index of Economic Freedom for 25 years. When the 27th edition of the index is released Thursday, Hong Kong won’t be found. In explaining the decision to remove Hong Kong (and Macau)… Read More