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Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation
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Far too many young people today have no idea of the massive killings, imprisonments, and destructiveness wrought by communist regimes throughout history. From the famines, purges, deportations, and gulags in the USSR, to Mao’s Great Leap Forward; from the Castro regime’s murder of Oswaldo Payá, to the torture-induced death of Otto Warmbier and medical homicide of Liu Xiaobo — communists have killed more than 100 million people, according to the Black Book of Communism. Countless more suffered and suffer still. Our expert scholars conduct research to show the atrocities committed by communist regimes, past and present.


VOC engages leading experts in the history, economics, culture, and politics of communist and post-communist countries through our country and regional programs. We support research fellows in these fields dedicated to studying and publishing work related to the history of communism, post-communist transition, and the legacy and impact of communism in current affairs. Our current study centers include China Studies, Latin America Studies, and Polish Studies.


Publications include curriculum resources for middle school, high school, and collegiate users; policy backgrounders and country factsheets; research reports and academic articles; and memoirs and scholarly books.