China’s Plan to Assimilate Tibet

VOC’s Dr. Adrian Zenz speaks with Newsweek on China’s Plan to Assimilate Tibet.

As John Feng writes:

Adrian Zenz, the director of China studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington, D.C., said Beijing’s method of targeting Tibetan children “is very much about long-term control,” especially over the younger generation.

“There’s an aspect of wanting to improve education by centralizing schools, closing down small schools of poor quality, eliminating the commute for children and letting them go to centralized boarding schools,” Zenz told Newsweek. “So we cannot entirely dismiss that it is about improving educational quality.

“But of course, a very primary aspect of that for the CCP in all the more sensitive minority regions has been social control. It is about indoctrinating children. It is about teaching them the Chinese language and CCP ideology. If we look at the development of ethnic policy, assimilation and ideological indoctrination have been significantly on the rise.”

Aspects of the Chinese government’s repression of Tibet predate its aggressive and extensive crackdown in Xinjiang, according to Zenz, who was sanctioned by Beijing in March 2021 for his research, which often involves analysis of official documents and statistics.

Read the full article in Newsweek, here.