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Through VOC’s Online Bookstore, read about the history and the crimes of communism from VOC’s experts, staff, academic council members, and witnesses. Bolster your knowledge of communism’s destructive past and present with supplementary material from VOC’s curriculum.

VOC’s President and CEO Dr. Eric Patterson writes for Fox News on marking World Refugee Day and remembering the victims of authoritarian regimes that have been forced to flee their homes throughout history.

VOC’s President and CEO, Dr. Eric Patterson, writes for Providence Magazine on the importance of celebrating Flag Day and simultaneously remembering those around the world who are not free.

Hernán Alberro, Program Manager for VOC’s Latin American Studies Program, writes on the Cuban and Russian alliance and the danger of a new Cuban missile crisis.

In a new article exploring the evolution of forced Labor in Xinjiang, The Economist speaks with VOC Senior Fellow and Director in China Studies Dr. Adrian Zenz on China’s pervasive forced labor practices that victimize many Uyghurs through fear and control.

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation was honored to host Ambassador Miloslav Stašek, of the Czech Republic. Amb. Stašek met with VOC leadership to discuss VOC’s mission and the importance of remembering the victims of communism.

VOC’s President and CEO, Dr. Eric Patterson, joined the Rock Rachon We Rollin show to speak with TV Republika’s Michał Rachon.

VOC was honored to host Ji Seong-ho, a survivor of North Korea, a human rights activist, and a south Korean politician at the Victims of Communism Museum. Ji Seong-ho met with Dr. Patterson, VOC’s CEO and President, toured the museum where he is prominently featured, and watched his Witness Project documentary which explores his harrowing escape from communism.  

Dr. Elizabeth Spalding, Chairman of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation and Founding Director of the Victims of Communism Museum released two videos with Prager U on the history of Harry Truman’s atomic bomb decision and his quest to contain communism.

VOC’s President and CEO, Dr. Eric Patterson, writes for World Magazine on the Ethiopian communist revolution that led to mass starvation and death.