Connecting China’s CCP to American Socialists, Communists, and Anti-Semitism

VOC’s CEO Ken Pope co-writes with Brandy Shufutinsky of the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values and Jennifer Richmond of the Institute for Liberal Values on the Chinese Communist Party’s connection to “progressive” groups in the United States to push CCP propaganda and anti-Semitism. They add more context to the People’s Forum activities and its role in institutionalizing Communist and Marxist propaganda in an op-ed with the American Spectator.

The authors ask, “Is the Chinese Communist Party guiding ‘progressive’ groups in the United States to push CCP propaganda and anti-Semitism? That’s what the New York Times alleges in a recent bombshell investigation. Here’s what you need to know, what the Times missed, and why it matters.

As the authors write, U.S. millionaire and socialist benefactor Neville Roy Singham is running a ‘lavishly funded influence campaign’ whitewashing China’s crimes, radicalizing America’s youth, and calling for the global allies of Hamas to unite and topple Israel as well as the United States. If that’s not bad enough, the driving force behind these attacks against our nation and close ally is the CCP’s media empire, with hefty donations from multiple sources, including Goldman Sach’s philanthropy fund.

Sadly, this story will not come as a surprise to students of history. Communist dictatorships have long laundered their propaganda through to proxies in the West while subjugating their own people. Cuba routinely funds radical groups and provides safe harbor to terrorists while jailing any who dare speak out about the abysmal conditions on the island. The Soviet Union treated Jews as second-class citizens at home while stoking racial hatred in the United States. And now, while China is carrying out what experts and democratic governments alike call a cultural genocide against the Uyghurs, the totalitarians in Beijing are pitting Americans against each other along racial and religious lines and funding groups seeking our destruction as a nation.”

Read the full article at The American Spectator.