VOC Research and Testimony Cited in Policy Recommendations Report by the House Select Committee on the CCP

The groundbreaking work of VOC’s China Studies team, led by Dr. Adrian Zenz, was heavily cited in a new report by the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party. Underscoring the severity of Beijing’s crimes against the Uyghurs, the Select Committee provided policy recommendations detailing how Washington can push back against the CCP’s ongoing genocide.  
In the report, the Committee, led by Chairman Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) and Ranking Member Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL), writes that the testimony of VOC’s China Director Dr. Adrian Zenz on the CCP’s ongoing Uyghur genocide exposes how “Senior officials at the highest levels of the CCP have been implicated in making and implementing genocidal policies against the Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in the XUAR [Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region].” The report goes on, stating that Dr. Zenz’s research and testimony shows how the “CCP considers the XUAR’s Uyghur population a national security threat, and as a result has undertaken a genocidal effort aimed at diluting the Uyghur population while encouraging Han Chinese migration to the XUAR. Since 2017, the CCP has detained up to two million Uyghurs and other Turkic or Muslim individuals in internment camps. The CCP also implemented measures to prevent birth, leading to an unprecedented decline in the Uyghur birth rate.” 
The report continues, highlighting how Dr. Zenz’s work exposing Beijing’s targeting of the “Uyghur population reflects the CCP’s heightened political paranoia, which deserves attention since it informs the CCP stance on everything, including its views of U.S.-PRC relations.” 

VOC’s Dr. Adrian Zenz testifying before the House Select Committee on the CCP

The report provides the following key findings as a blueprint for Congressional action:

  1. The perpetrators of the CCP’s genocide continue to commit atrocities in the XUAR
    and have not been held sufficiently accountable for their actions.
  2. The United States has led the way in trying to hold the perpetrators of the CCP’s
    genocide and crimes against humanity accountable, but other countries have lagged
    in fulfilling their treaty commitments to prevent or halt genocide as well as to
    protect victims.
  3. Products made with Uyghur forced labor continue to contaminate global supply
  4. U.S. and international investment in the PRC contributed to the development and
    deployment of advanced technology that enables the surveillance and control
    apparatus in the XUAR.
  5. Existing statutes to hold the perpetrators accountable and deter further atrocities
    have not been fully implemented.
  6. Uyghurs and others who escape CCP repression continue to be subject of CCP
    harassment and intimidation in the United States and elsewhere internationally.

Read the full report here.

Dr. Zenz’s testimony before the Committee builds on VOC’s authoritative research uncovering human rights abuses in China, including through detailed analysis of hacked or leaked internal documents such as the Xinjiang Police Files, which VOC broke as a global news story last year in partnership with 14 world-leading media outlets including the BBC, Germany’s Der Spiegel, France’s Le Monde, and Spain’s El País.