Congress Introduces Bill to Educate on Communism, Highlighting VOC’s Work

Rep. María Elvira Salazar (R-FL) and 27 of her colleagues reintroduced the Crucial Communism Teaching (CCT) Act (H.R. 5349) in the 118th Congress.

“Communism is one of the most destructive political ideologies the world has ever seen,” said Rep. Salazar. “The Crucial Communism Teaching Act is important because our youth must remember the crimes of the communists, including those inflicted upon my constituents and their families in Florida’s 27th district.”

The CCT Act makes educational materials available through the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation to help educate middle and high school students about the dangers of communism and totalitarianism, and how they are contrary to the founding principles of freedom and democracy in the United States.

“American students deserve to know the truth and our history: communism is not a promise for a more just and equitable future — it is a deadly ideology that runs counter to democracy and the very principles our nation was founded upon,” said Ken Pope, CEO of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. “Sadly, far too many of our students and citizens are increasingly unaware of communism’s horrific legacy of more than 100 million killed and over 1.5 billion held captive to this day. The Crucial Communism Teaching Act will help to right this wrong as we work to defeat this evil ideology everywhere in exists. Together, we can remember the victims and survivors and honor these heroes who courageously stood against communist regimes often at the cost of their lives.”

Read the full press release from Rep. Salazar here.