‘China Is in a Challenging Moment Right Now,’ Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation President Says

VOC’s President, Ambassador Andrew Bremberg, joined Samantha Aschieris on The Daily Signal Podcast to discuss the threat of the communist ideology, the Chinese Communist Party, and the work of VOC’s China Studies Program to educate about these important issues.

“We are an education nonprofit that was actually chartered by the Congress back in 1993 when we thought all the victims of communism were in the past, basically.

And since then, we’ve strived to educate Americans about the history and victims of communism throughout its century of totalitarian brutality and of course, not only under the Soviet Union that dominated Central and Eastern Europe for the latter half of last century, but unfortunately, as we see today, the resurgent, even more deadly Chinese Communist Party that is really becoming much more aggressive, not only in terms of human rights violations in its own country, but its diplomatic approach in the region and around the world,” said Ambassador Bremberg.

Listen to and read the full conversation from the Daily Signal.


Ambassador Andrew Bremberg is the President of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.