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Witness Project Podcast

VOC highlights the tragic and powerful stories of victims of communism through our award-winning Witness Project video and podcast series. Today, we are proud to present the newest episode of the Witness Project, featuring Maximo Alvarez, who escaped communist Cuba through the Pedro Pan Operation. 

VOC was honored to speak with Rep. Ben Toma, the Majority Leader in the Arizona House of Representatives, about his experience under the Ceaușescu regime in Romania.

Born in North Korea, Grace Jo nearly starved to death as a child during the famine of the 1990s. After her father was tortured and died for the “crime” of trying to find food for his family in China, and her grandmother died from malnourishment, Grace’s mother knew they had to escape North Korea, no matter the cost.

Born in Soviet-occupied Lithuania in 1954, Boris Hoffman grew up hearing the brutal stories of Stalin’s Gulag from his family, friends, and neighbors. Raised by parents who refused to join the communist party, and grandparents whose farm was collectivized by the state… Read More

The Witness Project Podcast tells the tragic and powerful stories of the victims of communism. Join us as we speak with the courageous men and women who experienced life under communism, the historians preserving the truth, and the politicians fighting… Read More