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Andrew Bremberg

VOC’s President, Amb. Andrew Bremberg writes with Michael Stumo for The Washington Times on the importance of prohibiting the federal retirement Thrift Savings Plan from benefitting Chinese companies through investment.

For the free world, 1989 is remembered as the Year of Miracles as the Berlin Wall fell and the facade of the Soviet Union began to crumble. But in China, 1989 went in a tragically different direction.

China’s recent publicity stunt showing happy Uyghurs celebrating an Islamic holiday is a transparent attempt to proclaim that all is well in the Xinjiang region. But here, around two million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities toil under a repressive Chinese government. For… Read More

By Amb. Andrew Bremberg, VOC President and CEO Will the U.N. Human Rights Council finally take up the issue of Communist China’s oppression of the Uyghurs? That’s the most important question as the council begins its latest session on June… Read More

The Chinese government is now engaged in two dangerous projects: the systematic repression of its people and the escalation of its strategic rivalry with the United States. Some of America’s largest companies have long been accused of complicity in both… Read More

This Captive Nations Week, America’s lawmakers and the American people need to speak up on behalf of the many persons who continue to be victims of communist regimes around the globe. Today, five communist countries, China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea,… Read More