VOC’s Dr. Eric Patterson on Poland’s TV Republika

VOC’s President and CEO, Dr. Eric Patterson, joined the Rock Rachon We Rollin show to speak with TV Republika’s Michał Rachon. They explore the imperialist behavior of Russia and China, rooted in their communist pasts. Despite the alleged changes in their political systems in the early 90’s, these nations have once again reignited the cold war, with Russia’s leadership “acting from the same totalitarian playbook as the Soviet Union.” Dr. Patterson debunks the Russian narrative that invading Ukraine is a security measure, revealing the real threat to Putin’s regime: Ukraine’s pivot towards Western values like liberty, individual rights, and the free market. The conversation also covers hybrid warfare and social engineering tactics employed by Russia, China, and others to destabilize Western societies. Dr. Patterson and Michał discuss the impact of woke culture on the West’s ability to defend itself, raising crucial questions about the current geopolitical landscape.