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Poland Studies

Who was John Paul II? John Paul II is greatly remembered for his spiritual and political role in the collapse of communism in Central and Eastern Europe. The impact that his words and courage brought to Poland during his 1979… Read More

Executive Summary The monograph Witold Pilecki – The Unsung Hero of Polish WWII Intelligence discusses the heroic life and achievements of a formidable Polish intelligence operator, Captain Witold Pilecki. He was the man who volunteered for Auschwitz to gather intelligence… Read More

These articles were written by Monika Brzozowska-Pasieka, Ph.D., 2020-2021 VOC Senior Research Fellow in Poland Studies. The Secret Soviet Genocide of WWII In the spring of 1940, at least 21,787 Polish people (mostly the Polish intelligentsia and high-ranking Polish soldiers,… Read More

Book summary: “This volume examines to what extent the positive atmosphere created by the Helsinki Accords contributed to the change in political circumstances seen in the countries of Central Europe under Soviet domination. It focuses in particular on-firstly-a consequent a… Read More