Human Rights and Political Dissent in Central Europe

Book summary:

“This volume examines to what extent the positive atmosphere created by the Helsinki Accords contributed to the change in political circumstances seen in the countries of Central Europe under Soviet domination.

It focuses in particular on-firstly-a consequent a new impetus to bolster human rights in international politics, in the same way as Western democracies–especially the US–integrated human rights concerns into its foreign policy relations with Soviet Bloc countries and–secondly–how this Western embrace of human rights seemed to create new incentives for increased dissident activity in Central and Eastern Europe from 1976 onward. Finally, the book reminds us of the significant role of the Helsinki Accords in developing democratic practices in Eastern European societies under Soviet domination in 1975-1989 and in creating the conditions for the peaceful transition to democratic government in the years that followed.

This book will be of key interest to scholars and students of the history of communism, post-Soviet, Russian, and central and East European politics, the history of human rights, and democratization.”

Dr. Tyszkiewicz’s book is available for pre-order here.