The Antidote to Communism

VOC Chairman Dr. Elizabeth Edwards Spalding explores how the Victims of Communism Museum educates through teaching history so we can live not by lies in The American Spectator.

Dr. Spalding writes, “As Václav Havel foretold, the collapse of communism in Europe was led by those brave enough to live truthfully, regardless of the consequences. Havel endured imprisonment on four separate occasions and brutal torture on his path toward the truth, but he did not back down, eventually leading his country into a new democratic era through the overthrow of Czechoslovakia’s communist regime in the Velvet Revolution of 1989. In 1993, Prisoner No. 80-9658 became the newly formed Czech Republic’s first president.

Communism has a dark past and maintains an expanding presence. It remains the responsibility of the free world to live the truth, support the dissidents, and push back against communism’s dehumanizing oppression. Visit the Victims of Communism Museum to learn the real history of the past and the stories of those like Havel who rejected the lies of communism, as well as those who continue the fight for freedom around the world today.”

Read the full op-ed in The American Spectator.