Gallery Highlights Work of Cuban “Artivists” to Coincide with Summit of the Americas Meeting

Media Contact:
Sarah Hrovat

Washington, D.C. (June 6, 2022) – The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation has partnered with the Gloria Delson Contemporary Art Gallery (GDCA Gallery) in downtown Los Angeles to support the work of artist-activists (‘artivists’) from Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua in their meetings and presentations at the Summit of the Americas.

The United States will host the Ninth Summit of the Americas the week of June 6-10 in Los Angeles, California with a focus on “Building a Sustainable, Resilient, and Equitable Future” for our hemisphere.

The summit brings together leaders of countries in the Organization of American States (OAS)—all North, Central and South American countries (except Cuba). Based on the principles of democracy and free trade, the meeting provides an opportunity for discussions about a variety of issues and topics.

The GDCA Gallery will host a Cuban art exhibit with multiple artivists expressing their opposition to the Cuban regime in an exhibit entitled,”No Nos Sirve de Nada el Miedo” (Fear is Useless for Us), curated by Ana Olema and Claudia Genlui. The exhibit includes multiple art pieces, videos, and images of fourteen Cuban artists in jail or persecuted in Cuba as well as artists forced to leave the island because of their opposition to the regime.

This exhibit will be at the GDCA Gallery from Monday, June 6 to Sunday June 12. Special presentations from Cuban musicians and street performers will occur throughout the week.

This exhibit was supported and coordinated through the National Democratic Institute (NDI), VOC, Movimiento San Isidro (MSI) and the Umbrella Art Foundation.

All the GDCA Gallery events described are free and open to the public:

Freedom of Expression and Cultural Rights in Cuba

Multiple experts, journalists, and artists from Cuba will join their voices to denounce persecution in Cuba.
Date & Time: Tuesday, June 7, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Presentation of the Venezuelan Global Diaspora Platform (Lanzamiento Red Global de la Diáspora de Venezuela)

A presentation of the network and strategy to coordinate Venezuelan diaspora organizations and their respective leadership
Date & Time: Wednesday, June 8, 3:00 – 6:00 pm

Museo del Helicoide

“El Helicoide” is a building in Caracas, Venezuela owned and operated by the regime that houses political prisoners and known for systemic torture and violating human rights. This virtual reality museum is an interactive experience.
Date & Time: Ongoing

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