Coercive Labor Report covered by the I

In an article titled “As Liz Truss speaks out on China in Taiwan, new evidence emerges of abuse of Uyghur children,” the I’s Michael Day breaks down the latest report from VOC’s Dr. Adrian Zenz.

As Day writes, “The research was carried out by German academic Adrian Zenz. When claims over mass forced labour in Xinjiang’s cotton industry first appeared more than two years ago, Chinese officials denied that such abuses were taking place.

But Dr Zenz says his examination of Chinese government documents – including police files – confirms that such abuses of Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims are prevalent on Xinjiang.

Dr Zenz says some of the forced transfer of Uyghurs into seasonal labour, such as cotton picking, operates separately from the re-education camps. But those who fail to comply with the cotton picking are liable to be labeled ‘extremists,’ and then sent for ‘re-education.’”

Read the full article, in the I, here.