VOC Urges Biden Administration to Stand by the Cuban People

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) urges the Biden administration to stand by the Cuban people and lead the international community to target communist officials with sanctions and protect the demonstrators.

This weekend, after more than 60 years oppressed by a communist tyranny, the Cuban people massively took to the streets to demand liberty. These unprecedented and peaceful demonstrations were met with a call of violence by the Cuban communist leadership, massive arrest, and repression. The country has been militarized, coupled with Internet and communications blackouts.

Cuba shall be free. We urge the Biden administration stand by the Cuban people and send a clear message that human rights violations will not be tolerated. The US government needs to lead a global effort to condemn the dictatorship and target for multilateral individual sanctions to those involved in violent repression.

“This is a unique and historic opportunity for the Cuban people to break free from communism,” said VOC President and CEO Ambassador Andrew Bremberg. “We must support Cuba to peacefully transition to democracy, a free market, and rule of law. The communist officials engaging in neglecting the people of Cuba, massive corruption, and gross human rights violations and violence should be subjected to sanctions from democratic countries all over the globe.”