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Merita Bajraktari

Merita Bajraktari

Merita Bajraktari was born in Korça city and raised in the rural village of Cangonj in Southeastern Albania. Bajraktari’s maternal grandfather was branded a “kulak” (rich peasant) in 1948. He, his family, and others so labeled had no right of assembly, education, or free movement. Her paternal grandfather was also a staunch opponent of the regime and joined the National Front to fight against communism.

Bajraktari works as a student advisor at a private university in the DC metro area. She served as the president of VATRA DC from 2009-2017 and is currently a member of its governing board. A convert to the Catholic faith, Bajraktari has helped many of her compatriots find truth and often organizes high-level meetings with Albanian and Kosovo politicians and clergy (including the Vicar General of Kosovo) at the Library of Congress. She has also worked with the Diocese of Arlington to provide Albanian language masses.  Bajraktari has a degree in Agricultural Economics and an MBA from Surrey University, UK. She is working on a book entitled Life Under Communism. In 2022, Merita received the “Kalorës i Urdhërit të Flamurit” award from the President of the Republic of Albania.


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