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George P. Harbison

George P. Harbison

George P. Harbison is a writer, speaker, political activist, and retired chief financial officer.

In 2016, at the request of a student leader, Mr. Harbison created and delivered a lecture titled “The Victims of Socialism” at the University of California, Riverside. Since then, he has delivered this lecture at over twenty college campuses and at several student conferences put on by Young America’s Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA and Reston, VA.

Mr. Harbison’s lecture focuses on the death and destruction caused by three socialist regimes in the twentieth century: Russia, China, and Cambodia. The presentation consists of narrative, pictures, music, and graphics that put into perspective the staggering death toll, pain, and suffering inflicted on the citizens of these regimes. The lecture touches on the worldwide death toll of socialism and brings forward to current times the ongoing threat of this destructive ideology.

Mr. Harbison has also written extensively on tax policy, focusing on dispelling false tax assertions. In 2013, he wrote an article for that completely debunked Warren Buffett’s famous and politically charged assertion that his federal tax rate only half that paid by his lower-paid office workers. Since then, his tax myth-busting articles have appeared in,,, and

A native of Michigan, Mr. Harbison received a BA from Kenyon College, where he majored in physics. He continued his education at the University of Michigan, where he received an MBA (emphasis in finance and accounting).

Mr. Harbison resides in Mullett Lake, Michigan.