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Curtis Farber

Curtis Farber is the Community Engagement Chair of the Victims of Communism-St. Louis Commission (VOC-STL). In this role he provides logistical oversight for grassroots efforts, supports working committees, and implements special projects such as the VOC-STL candidate survey. Farber’s personal experiences with Communist Party USA members in the 1990s gave him firsthand exposure to the party’s mission and practices, allowing him to see what the party is truly about. Since then, he has been dedicated to shedding light on communist activity and working in opposition to this deadly ideology. Farber studied and trained in VIP Protection at Collège National De Sécurité in Montreal. He served as the 25th Ward Republican Committeeman and as the Treasurer for the Republican Central Committee of the City of St. Louis. Farber also has experience serving as campaign treasurer for a variety of political campaigns. Farber currently works full-time as the Republican Judge Supervisor for the St. Louis City Board of Elections where he oversees the recruitment, training, and deployment of approximately 400 poll workers across 100 polling places during each election.