Venezuela’s Autocratic Regime: Negotiating with Kidnappers

On April 21, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation hosted a virtual conversation with Pedro Burelli, former member of the executive board of Petróleos de Venezuela and founder and managing director of B+V Consulting. This is an English-language event.

After 21 years of autocratic communist dictatorship in Venezuela, the Maduro regime has been wining time with manipulated dialogues and negotiations. Propped up with generous financial, diplomatic, and intelligence support from China, Cuba, Iran, Russia, and Turkey, Maduro and his Marxist allies have been able to solidify power and continue to advance the destruction of this once richest, most stable democracy in South America.

As an expert in the deteriorating economic and political situation in Venezuela, Pedro Burelli has been criticizing the complicity of several internal and external bad actors in the recent failed negotiations between the Venezuelan opposition party and the Maduro regime. He has compared the corrupt election coup that transformed Venezuela’s democracy into a totalitarian state as a “kidnapping” of the country by the regime, and has discussed the impossibility for the kidnapped Venezuelan people to negotiate with their captors. In an open dialogue moderated by VOC Director of Latin American Programs Carlos Ponce, Pedro Burelli will provide an update on the current destruction of Venezuela, cover the failed negotiations, the potential scenarios for new negotiations, as well as action recommendations for the international community amidst the regime’s consolidation of power.

About the Speaker

Pedro Burelli is a Venezuela national and former member of the executive board of Petróleos de Venezuela. Burelli is the Founder and CEO of B+V Advisors LLC. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a BA in Political Science and of Harvard Kennedy School with an MPA2 in Public Administration and Finance. His focuses include financial consulting, M&A, strategic cross border transactions, and raising equity in private and public markets.

Event Recording