Remembering the Hungarian Freedom Fighters of 1956

In October of 1956, the Hungarian people took to the streets against their communist oppressors. Courageously fighting tyranny outmanned and outgunned, these heroes would soon be known across the globe as the Hungarian Freedom Fighters. While Soviet tanks would eventually crush the uprising, the spirit of 1956 would live on as an undying beacon of hope against the deadliest ideology the world has ever known.

66 years later, the Victims of Communism Museum, in partnership with the Hungarian Embassy in Washington, D.C., examined the enduring legacy of Hungary’s fight against communism and heard firsthand from those who witnessed the Hungarian Revolution.

The event was followed by a short reception on the second floor of the Victims of Communism Museum.

Featured speakers included:

  • H.E. Judit Varga, Hungarian Minister of Justice
  • H.E. Szabolcs Takács, Hungarian Ambassador to the United States
  • Mr. Jenő Megyesy, Former Senior Advisor to the Hungarian Prime Minister
  • Mr. Gyula Várallyay, Member of the Board, Hungarian American Coalition
  • Dr. Lee Edwards, VOC Chairman Emeritus
  • Ambassador Andrew Bremberg, VOC President