National Seminar for Middle and High School Educators

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation will host the 9th annual National Seminar for Middle and High School Educators from July 10 through July 12, 2023. Teachers from public, private, and home school programs and those interested in education will attend the event at the Victims of Communism Museum in Washington, DC, where they will learn from top academic experts about the foundational concepts and key figures in the history of Communism, and the over 100 million victims killed in just over 100 years. Educators will also hear first-person testimony from survivors of communist rule and receive instruction from leading experts. They will also learn about the newest tools and curriculum resources to teach their students about the legacy of communism and its ongoing threat to freedom.

Unfortunately, many of today’s school children—America’s future leaders—have not been given a solid grounding in American civics, history, or our unique constitutional government. Many more have never been exposed to a crucial comparative study of totalitarian communism versus individual and economic freedom. That is why on July 10-12, teachers from across the country will convene in Washington, DC to hear from prominent academic experts on how to better understand and learn strategies that are the most effective in teaching students about communism, its Marxist ideology, history, and impact today.