Marxism in the World Workshop

On Saturday, September 18, the Victims of Communism-St. Louis Commission hosted a free and immersive workshop to educate attendees on the theory, implementation, and destruction of Marxism around the world.

The horrors of Nazism and the Holocaust are taught and highlighted in our schools as they should be. But what of communism? Do Americans know who Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong were? Do they know that communism exacted a death toll of 100 million victims, surpassing that of all the wars of the 20th century? Are they aware there are still five communist regimes in the world today?

This workshop addressed these questions, provided in-depth and personal stories from individuals who have lived in the communist countries of China and Cuba, and ensured that attendees develop a broad and nuanced understanding of Marxism in the world.  Additional reading, resources, and follow-up activities were also shared.


Kerri Flynn, Teacher and Adjunct Professor
Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, Witness of communism (Cuba)
Karen Tiang, Witness of communism (China)