József Cardinal Mindszenty: Memoirs

VOC and the Catholic Information Center hosted author Daniel J. Mahoney for a presentation, interview, and book signing of József Cardinal Mindszenty’s Memoirs on June 16 at the Victims of Communism Museum.

The Hungarian Cardinal, now named Venerable by the Catholic Church, tenaciously defended human dignity and religious freedom against the totalitarian movements and regimes that subjugated east-central Europe during the worst years of the twentieth century. As the late Cardinal George Pell testified, “The memoirs of Cardinal Mindszenty are enthralling, evidence of a terrible time, to be set with Solzhenitsyn’s tales of the Gulag.” But like Solzhenitsyn’s work, Mindszenty‘s Memoirs also provide a witness to fidelity and hope.

The book includes a Foreword by Joseph Pearce and an Introduction by Dr. Mahoney. These moving Memoirs reveal the full story of the legendary hero-priest who has come to be regarded as a symbol of Christian and national resistance to Communism.