The Centenary of the Chinese Communist Party

On July 1 the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) celebrates 100 years in power — a century of misery for the Chinese people. Since its founding, the CCP has sought to be the author of its own story – writing, revising, and rewriting history, with each successive handover of power in Beijing’s leadership. All that remains consistent in the CCP’s narrative is the omission of the grisly terrors the party wrought on China and its people over the last 100 years of tyranny, oppression, coercion, deceit, and torture.

Missing from the CCP’s history books are the blood-soaked pages recounting the Great Famine, Cultural Revolution, Tiananmen Square Massacre, support for the evil North Korean and Khmer Rouge regimes, and countless other atrocities that resulted in tens of millions of people killed and over a billion oppressed.

As the CCP’s General Secretary, Xi Jinping not only presides over the festivities in Beijing, but he also presides over the ongoing genocide of ethnic Uyghurs in Xinjiang, the desecration of Hong Kong’s once-free society, forced organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience, and many other atrocities known only to the victims and their oppressors.

Since its founding in 1993, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) has had a unique mandate from the U.S. Congress not only to remember the victims of the 20th century, but to fight for the victims still held captive by communist regimes and to alert an uninformed or forgetful world of the crimes of communist regimes in China and the rest of the world.

Our groundbreaking research on the crimes of the CCP – including showing the use of forced labor in China’s cotton-picking industry – has led to the full exposure of the CCP’s systematic genocide of Uyghurs and the United States’ full and total ban on Xinjiang cotton and tomato products. We and our many allies will continue to expose the Chinese Communist Party for what it is – the greatest threat to human rights and democracy in the 21st century.