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The Soviet Gulag system was one of the deadliest and darkest features of 20th century Communism. Learn about the forced labor camps​ through this interactive website, which features detailed information and a virtual tour of a gulag. The website also features the artwork of Nikolai Getman, a gulag prisoner who survived and later painted what he saw in captivity.
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Online Exhibits

These cutting edge online exhibits offer students and educators a great resource for learning about the history, legacy, and ideology of Communism. With essays by experts, country-by-country exhibits, and a "Hall of Infamy" identifying Communist dictators, this website is a great way to better understand the nature of Communism. Dedicated to the 100 million victims of Communism, these online exhibits attract hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.
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This high school curricular resource was developed by teachers for teachers. It is offered to help fill the knowledge gap about communism and its enormous impact on world history, past and present. With lessons highlighting the characters and episodes of 20th century Communism, this nine-step lesson is a comprehensive introduction to Communism. Already in use in private, public, and home schools across the country, this curriculum is available for purchase to educators of all types or anyone interested in learning more about the deadly history of Communism.
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