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The 2016 Duranty Awards


Trumbo Sweeps Major Categories, Michael Moore To Get Lifetime Achievement Award For Historical Fiction

WASHINGTON D.C. – In advance of this weekend’s Oscars, the leading organization for education about the Cold War and communism issued its first ever Duranty Awards—highlighting films, actors, actresses, and directors that distort the history of socialism, communism and the Cold War.

The awards are named for Walter Duranty, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Moscow bureau chief for the New York Times whose infamous reporting from the Soviet Union whitewashed Stalin’s crimes and atrocities against the Russian people.

“With each passing year, Hollywood’s historical amnesia about communism and the Cold War grows more disturbing,” said Marion Smith, Executive Director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. “Trumbo portrayed Hollywood’s most influential communist as an American martyr for free speech, ignoring the fact that Communist regimes were—and from China to Cuba, still are—the most serial abusers of human rights and freedom of conscience. Oliver Stone and Michael Moore continue to produce propaganda celebrating communism and socialism with Stone’s documentary paean to Hugo Chavez Mi Amigo Hugo and Moore’s numerous lifetime contributions to the genre from Sicko to Capitalism: A Love Story.”

The Duranty Award features a fist-sized chunk of mineral pyrite, more commonly known as fool’s gold. Fool’s gold is arsenic and iron sulfide with trace amounts of real gold—a same ratio of lies to truth in Duranty’s reporting on the Soviet Union.

The 2016 Walter Duranty Award winners are…

  • Film of the YearTrumbo The story of self-avowed communist screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, the film conveniently ignores Stalin’s murderous, totalitarian regime and the Soviet Union’s efforts to bring America into the communist fold.
  • Actor of the Year: Bryan Cranston, Trumbo. Cranston’s depiction of Trumbo, his comments that “aspects of socialism are a good thing”
  • Director of the Year: Oliver Stone, Mi Amigo Hugo. Stone’s documentary on Hugo Chavez aired on Venezuelan state television on the anniversary of his death, portrays the authoritarian ruler as a charismatic “man of the people,” ignoring how the nation’s economy was brought to bankruptcy, free speech rights were curbed, and private property was confiscated under his socialist rule.
  • Lifetime Achievement in Historical Fiction: Michael Moore, the socialist director of “Sicko,” which woefully mischaracterized Cuba’s health care system and “Capitalism: A Love Story,” which embraced socialist rhetoric and arguments against the free enterprise system, along with other unfortunate bouts of historical amnesia.


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