September 9th, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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September 9th, 2016


A Not-So-Local Difficulty
Communist Party leader Xi Jinping has promised a “great revival” of the Chinese nation. Presiding over the G20 summit was a perfect opportunity to show the public that he was on target. How awkward, then, that as he was doing so voters in Hong Kong were sending Mr. Xi a different—and, for the party, shocking—message. In elections for the territory’s Legislative Council, or Legco, six candidates who want Hong Kong to be more independent from China gained seats in the 70-member body.


North Korea Conducts Fifth Nuclear Test
Alastair Gale and Carol E. Lee, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
North Korea conducted a fifth nuclear test hours after President Barack Obama wrapped up a tour of Asia, highlighting the U.S.’s struggle to rein in the rising threat from dictator Kim Jong Un. North Korea said the test was successful and confirmed its ability to produce nuclear-tipped missiles “at will.” It added that it would continue to build up its nuclear force in quality and quantity.

North Korea Bans Sarcastic Comments about Kim Jong-un’s Regime
North Korea has banned its citizens from making sarcastic remarks about the regime of Dictator Kim Jong-Un. A warning against indirect criticism of the state in their everyday conversations has been issued, according to Asian media. A series of mass meetings were held by officials across the isolated communist country.


Ukraine Moves to Ban ‘Illegal’ Russian Books
Ukraine escalated its cultural war with Moscow on Thursday by proposing a ban on Russian books that promote the ouster of Kiev’s pro-Western leadership and recognize the Kremlin’s annexation of Crimea. The bill submitted to parliament follows similar legislation that prevents channels from airing Russian shows and films deemed to cast a negative light on the former Soviet republic’s history.


Vietnamese Official Denies Role in Facebook News Blackout
The Facebook fan pages of four major Vietnamese news outlets, each with millions of daily visitors, disappeared late Wednesday. One outlet added that the move aimed both “to prevent unwanted incidents from happening” and “to comply with warnings from the authorities to news organizations regarding operating fan pages on social media.”