September 7th, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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September 7th, 2016


The Defector
Joel Keep and Nila Liu, SBSNEWS
Her name is Jun Mei Wu. She is seeking political asylum in Australia after leaving behind a life working for a central pillar of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda machine, the People’s Daily. The truth, says Jun Mei, is no simple thing in the Orwellian calculus of China’s ruling Communist Party (CCP), which uses the People’s Daily both as a government gazette and as an essential state organ for the gathering, analysis and control of information.


Colombia’s Most Important Vote in Recent History Marred by Disinformation
Colombia’s voters are bombarded with disinformation by rival campaigns ahead of a referendum on a controversial peace deal with leftist FARC rebels, possibly the country’s most important vote in decades. The deal seeks to end 52 years of armed conflict that has left more than 265,000 dead, 45,000 “disappeared” and millions displaced.


Journalist Defends Freedom of Speech on Cuban TV
Vicente Morin Aguado, HAVANA TIMES
It happened on La Mesa Redonda, on August 29th, when William Parra voiced his opinion. He was presented as as “independent Colombian journalist.” Currently exiled in Venezuela, Parra told his Cuban audience about the violence he personally experienced at the hands of the [Colombian] government.


Crimean Tatar Leader Freed from Mental Ward
Ilmi Umerov, Mejlis deputy chairman, is freed from a psychiatric hospital. He endured three weeks of subjected forcible psychiatric assessment. Umerov reiterated that the psychiatric examination violated even Russian laws. Now he is readying himself for the next hearing in court. The Mejlis leader was forced to stay in a psychiatric hospital since August 18.


U.S. Welcomes S. Korea’s Law on N. Korea’s Human Rights
The US State Department said Tuesday it welcomes South Korea’s law aimed at improving North Korea’s human rights situation, declaring that the North’s human rights record “has no parallels in the modern world.” The law calls mainly for documenting North Korea’s human rights situation.


Fragile and Uncertain as the Curtain Falls on Karimov Era
After five days of confusion, the inevitable declaration of the death of Islam Karimov, the first and only president of Uzbekistan, arrived last Friday. Karimov’s death signifies a new era in the country he has ruled since before the end of the Cold War.