September 26th, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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September 26th, 2016


Five Tibetans Jailed over Alleged Anti-Communist Movement in Tibet
A confirmed report coming out of Tibet says five Tibetans, including two writers, have been sentenced to varying prison terms by the Intermediate People’s Court in Nyakchukha County in Eastern Tibet. Two of them were re-arrested after briefly being released from prison this week. They were sentenced for allegedly forming an underground group called “Marshok Gol-lan Tsogpa” (Anti-Communist Party Association) and their alleged involvement in a Tibet movement against Chinese rule in Tibet.


How the Cuban Government Hides Its Dirt Poor Salaries
Marlene Azor Hernandez, HAVANA TIMES
The public sector is being punished by harsh taxes and low salaries. Cuban citizens can’t influence the decisions made by their government, nor can they turn to international forums with their demands because it’s the government itself that is violating their civil rights inside the country.


Memoirs of Czechoslovak Totalitarian Regime Survivors Published
The stories of the victims of the totalitarian regime in the former Czechoslovakia will be published on Monday under the title “The Stories of Heroes of the 20th Century–the Memory of the Nation.” There were 335 prisons in Czechoslovakia during the period of communist rule (1948-89) and 107 labor camps, where about 300,000 political prisoners suffered. A total of 248, 247 of them men, were executed.


North Korea Shows No Sign of Wanting to Talk About Releasing Two Americans
North Korea is holding two US citizens as “prisoners of war,” regime officials have told Americans lobbying for their release, as the months drag on with no word about the pair. As missile launches and another nuclear test escalate tensions between the United States and North Korea, officials and analysts are growing increasingly concerned that the men will be held until after a new American president is elected.


Half of Venezuelan Children Not Getting Three Square Meals
Sofia Barbarani, THE TELEGRAPH
The findings by More Consulting, a research firm, found that 50 percent of parents were only feeding their children one or two meals a day as a result of food shortages caused by an ongoing financial crisis. Nicolás Maduro, who took over from Chávez, is facing mounting criticism after hosting a Non-Aligned Movement summit worth millions of dollars last weekend, and was recently heard to joke about the benefits of the “Maduro diet”.