September 22nd, 2017 | Victims of Communism

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September 22nd, 2017


China’s Security Chief Calls For Greater Use Of AI To Predict Terrorism, Social Unrest

Nectar Gan, South China Morning Post

Meng Jianzhu, head of the Communist Party’s central commission for political and legal affairs in charge of the country’s massive security and intelligence systems, pledged at a meeting in Beijing on Tuesday to use AI through machine learning, data mining and computer modelling to help stamp out risks to stability. “Artificial intelligence can complete tasks with a precision and speed unmatchable by humans, and will drastically improve the predictability, accuracy and efficiency of social management,” Meng was quoted as saying by Chinese news website on Thursday.
Radio Free Asia
Authorities in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong have stepped up political pressure on two prominent current affairs commentators amid a nationwide crackdown on dissent ahead of a five-yearly congress of the ruling Chinese Communist Party. “I mostly write columns on topics touching on freedom, democracy, human rights, and constitutional government,” Li Fei said. “Under the machinery of state oppression, individuals and even companies are pretty powerless.”
Veteran journalist Lixin Yang, who has worked with NTD Television Chinese for over 10 years, has been denied accreditation to cover the 2017 United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), after an unusually long wait. Being U.S.-based, NTD Chinese is the largest Chinese television network outside of China. It was founded in 2001 as an antidote to Chinese government censorship and propaganda efforts.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro arrived in Cuba on Thursday evening in a surprise visit to bring a donation of goods after Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on the Caribbean island, state-run media there said on Friday. Cuban President Raul Castro received Maduro at the Havana airport, state-run television showed. The two countries are close ideological and strategic allies against what they call US imperialism.


Mnuchin On Sanctions: Do Business With US Or North Korea, “Not Both”

Alayna Treene, Axios

President Trump’s executive order issuing new sanctions on North Korea sends a clear signal to foreign financial institutions that they can do business with North Korea or the US, “but not both,” said Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin at the UN General Assembly Thursday. “No bank in any country should be used to facilitate Kim Jong Un’s destructive behavior,” he said. Mnuchin disputed that the order targets China, North Korea’s largest trading partner: “This action is directed at everyone, it is in no way specifically directed at China… we appreciate the way they’re working with us.”

North Korea Says Sanctions Block Imports Of Athletes’ Gear

Stephanie Nebehay, Reuters

North Korea has protested to three international sporting federations that requests to buy sports equipment for its athletes were being denied due to U.S.-led sanctions, letters obtained by Reuters on Thursday showed. The letters dated Aug. 30, seeking support to purchase the materials, were provided by a North Korean diplomat in Geneva who said: “Sports materials can’t help build missiles.”



Crimean Journalist Semena Handed Suspended Sentence In “Separatism” Case


A court in Russia-occupied Crimea on September 22 found RFE/RL contributor Mykola Semena guilty on a charge of separatism and handed him a 2 1/2 year suspended sentence in a case criticized by the West as politically motivated. RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service said the 66-year-old Semena was also barred from “public activities”—apparently including journalism—for three years. RFE/RL President Thomas Kent condemned the verdict and sentence, describing them as “part of an orchestrated effort by Russian authorities in Crimea to silence independent voices.”



US News & World Report

Venezuelan drivers are facing growing queues to buy gasoline despite having the world’s largest oil reserves, adding to the OPEC country’s woes as its refineries sputter and its socialist economic system crumbles. Lines to buy fuel and shuttered service stations have been intermittent problems for much of this year, most notably outside the capital Caracas.
September 22nd, 1939: The Nazi Wehrmacht and the Soviet Red Army hold a joint military parade to celebrate victory in the conquest of Poland.
September 22nd, 1948: US Air Force Pilot Gail Halvorsen begins parachuting candy to children as part of the Berlin Airlift.
Resistance Fighting Day in Estonia commemorates the attempt by the last acting prime minister of pre-1945 Estonia to establish a free government in the face of Nazi occupation & Soviet invasion.