September 14th, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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September 14th, 2016



Wukan, a Chinese Village, Erupts in Unrest Over Activists’ Arrests
Havier C. Hernández, THE NEW YORK TIMES
A riot broke out in the southern Chinese village of Wukan on Tuesday as dozens of people, many of them waving flags and hurling stones, protested early morning raids that led to the arrests of activists who had criticized the government. Soon after, protesters began marching through the streets, denouncing the arrests as unjust. The activists had been pressing for the release of a village leader, Lin Zuluan, who was sentenced last week to three years in prison on corruption charges.

GERMANYOvercoming Cruelty in Today’s Germany
Fifty-five summers ago, the Communists who ruled East Germany decided to wall in their citizens to stanch the flood of Germans moving west. The Berlin Wall has now been down for almost 27 years, nearly as long as it was up. For some Germans, the experience of a cruelly divided country has shaped their response as European democracies struggle with Islamic terrorism and a flood of refugees from wars and misery in the Middle East and beyond.
NORTH KOREASanctions Won’t Work Against North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions
With a 10 kiloton yield, North Korea’s nuclear test last week was the most powerful test the country has had yet. Earlier this year, North Korea successfully tested a long-range missile, presumably capable of hitting Guam, and launched its first submarine-based ballistic missile. North Korean President Kim Jong-un wants a full-scale nuclear force, complete with array of delivery systems, and he is clearly getting there.
RUSSIAIn Expanding Russian Influence, Faith Combines with Firepower
Andrew Higgins, THE NEW YORK TIMES
The golden main dome of a new Russian Orthodox cathedral now under construction towers over a Paris neighborhood studded with government buildings and foreign embassies. Most sensitive of all, it is being built beside a 19th-century palace that has been used to conceal some of the French presidency’s most closely guarded secrets. The prime location is so close to so many snoop-worthy places that when Moscow first proposed he center there, France’s security services fretted that Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, might have more than just religious outreach in mind.
VENEZUELAWives of Lopez, Ledezma Create Committee of Political Prisoners’ Relatives
The wives of Venezuelan opposition figures Leopoldo Lopez, serving a 14-year prison sentence, and Caracas metropolitan area Mayor Antonio Ledezma, who is under house arrest, said Tuesday that they have formed a “committee of relatives of political prisoners.” “A well-organized committee has been formed to undertake activities once a week that remind the regime and Venezuela that today there are 109 political prisoners in Venezuela,” said Lilian Tintori, Lopez’s wife.