October 13th, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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October 13th, 2016


Forced Marriage and Rape: The Legacy of the Khmer Rouge on Trial
Nina Teggarty, NEWSDEEPLY
In Cambodia, the UN-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal hears from survivors of forced marriage, but critics say the court should also cover other acts of gender-based violence.  From 1975-1979, Pol Pot’s brutal regime devastated Cambodia, and an estimated 1.7 million people died from starvation, disease or were executed. The Khmer Rouge, known as the Communist Party of Kampuchea (CPK), controlled every part of people’s lives.


Communist Party The Top Boss Of China’s State Firms, Xi Jinping Asserts In Rare Meeting
China’s Communist Party organs must serve as the ultimate bosses of the country’s state-owned enterprises, the country’s top leader Xi Jinping said at an extraordinarily high-profile conference, sending a clear signal that the party will not loosen its grip on the state sector. The two-day work conference concluded that the Communist Party must beef up its role, especially in terms of key decisions, ideology and personnel, in the country’s biggest industrial behemoths and financial enterprises.


Cuban Dissident Calls on EU Not to Forget Human Rights
Javier Albisu, EURACTIV
While the EU wraps up a new framework for relations with Havana, Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas warns that his country could descend into civil war if this deal is not made dependent on respecting human rights. EurActiv Spain reports, “The MEPs want the best for Cuba, but they give us the impression that they are being manipulated by the Cuban government, which is very adept at making out that changes have been made, when in fact nothing has been done,” said the 2015 Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom winner.


US Envoy Calls for Making Outside Information Available to North Koreans
A top US official on the North’s human rights Thursday stressed the need to get North Koreans to gain greater access to outside information as the move will help them recognize the reality of their regime. “The success of the (North Korean) regime in maintaining controls and suppressing its population is very much related to its ability to control media and access to information,” Robert King, Washington’s special envoy for North Korean human rights issues, told a forum.


Russia, US Move Past Cold War to Unpredictable Confrontation
Nicole Gaouette and Elise Labott, CNN
It’s not a new Cold War. It’s not even a deep chill. It’s an outright conflict. US-Russia relations have deteriorated sharply amid a barrage of accusations and disagreements, raising the stakes on issues ranging from the countries’ competing military operations in Syria, disputes over Eastern European independence and escalating cyber breaches.