November 9th, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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November 9th, 2016


New Series Gives Voice to Khmer Rouge Victims
Safiya Charles, KHMER TIMES 
For the victims of forced marriage and sexual and gender-based violence under the Khmer Rouge, life in the years since 1975 has been a struggle. Now a six-part documentary series to air in Cambodia next month will broadcast their stories across the nation. “Time to Speak Out” chronicles the lasting pain and suffering endured by countless survivors of sexual- and gender-based violence under the genocidal regime which held the country in a stranglehold until 1979.


President Xi Jinping Urges China’s Journalists to Conform to the Communist Party
Communist Party leader Xi Jinping has urged the country’s journalists to conform to the Communist Party. Xi Jinping urged journalists to follow “the correct political direction,” conform to the Party’s Central Committee, adhere to the Marxist view of journalism, stick to the position of the party and the people, and uphold socialism with Chinese characteristics, reported the official Xinhua News Agency.


Canada’s Trudeau to Visit Cuba, 40 Years After Father’s Historic Trip
Sarah Marsh, REUTERS 
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will visit Cuba next week to strengthen ties and boost trade, four decades after his father made a historic visit to the Communist-ruled island and struck up a friendship with revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. In 1976, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, then prime minister, became the first NATO leader to visit the island since its revolution, at one point exclaiming “Viva Castro!”


Totalitarian Regimes Commemorated by the Freedom Festival
Festival Slobody/The Freedom Festival 2016 is a multi-genre festival that tries to revive and keep alive the memory of the communist regime which ended in November 1989. It is an opportunity to demonstrate the values of freedom and democracy, head of the organizing Nation Memory’s Institute, Ondrej Krajňák, said, adding that it is also one of the ways to present the communist regimes to people, especially the young. “In the past, many crimes against innocent people were committed here,” Krajňák said, as quoted by the SITA newswire.


Obama Declares Wednesday World Freedom Day
President Obama has proclaimed the day after the election World Freedom Day to celebrate the pro-democracy movement that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall. The celebration has been observed since then-President George W. Bush first declared it in 2001 to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall, which is associated with the erosion of Soviet political power.


HIV/AIDS in Venezuela “Impossible to Control,” Health Group Warns
Andrew V. Pestano, UPI.COM 
The Venezuelan Society of Infectious Diseases, or SVI, warns that the lives of HIV patients are in danger due to shortages of medicine and unscheduled treatment changes that make HIV/AIDS “impossible to control.” Venezuela continues to experience shortages of medicine, food for the sick and infant formula, and increased maternal mortality rates and loss of transplant organs due to power failures.