November 30th, 2017 | Victims of Communism

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November 30th, 2017


Cambodia’s Hun Sen Warns CNRP Members Fleeing the Country They Will Be “Sent Back”
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is warning opposition party members fleeing the country that they will soon be “sent back” from neighboring Thailand, where many have gone into hiding to escape persecution. In a speech addressing thousands of garment workers in the capital on Sunday, Hun Sen railed against Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) commune councilors who had resisted repeated calls from the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) to defect to Hun Sen’s side. “Don’t think I don’t know where you are hiding,” Hun Sen said in remarks aimed at CNRP party members.



Congressmen Urge Tillerson To Punish Human Rights Violators In China With Sanctions
Kris Cheng, HKFP
US Congressmen have urged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to use sanctions to bar human rights violators in China from entering the US or using the American financial system. Congressional-Executive Commission on China Chairman Senator Marco Rubio and co-chair Representative Chris Smith urged Tillerson to use the tools available in the Global Magnitsky Act and the Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act. “If the abuses [Liu Xiaobo] and his wife, Liu Xia, have endured are met with impunity, it will only embolden the Chinese government in its repression and brutality,” they said in their letter to Tillerson.

In China, Fears That New Anticorruption Agency Will Be Above the Law
Chris Buckley, NYT
China’s leader, Xi Jinping, is pushing to establish a new anticorruption agency with sweeping powers to sidestep the courts and lock up anyone on the government payroll for months without access to a lawyer — a plan that has met surprisingly vocal opposition from some of the nation’s foremost legal minds. Dozens of lawyers and law professors from China’s academic mainstream have risked retaliation by speaking out against the plan, in the first substantial public challenge to Mr. Xi’s second-term agenda.

For the First Time, Chinese Communist Party to Hold a World Political Parties Dialogue
Christine Gao, The Diplomat
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is planning to hold a World Political Parties Dialogue from November 30 to December 3 in Beijing. It is the first time for the CCP to hold such a high-level meeting with various parties worldwide, signalling the CCP’s ambition to have a louder voice in the international sphere. Vice Minister Guo Yezhou emphasized that the meeting has “meaning in the CCP’s history” as well as “ground-breaking significance in the history of world political parties.”

Tibetan Monk Burns to Death in Sichuan Calling For Tibetan Freedom
A Tibetan monk set himself ablaze and died on Sunday in western China’s Sichuan province in a challenge to Chinese rule in Tibetan areas, Tibetan sources said. The protest brings to 151 the number of self-immolations by Tibetans living in China since the wave of burnings began in 2009. Tenga, aged 63 and a monk at a monastery, died of his burns. While burning, Tenga called out for freedom for Tibet.



Gloria Estefan Left Cuba As A Young Child, But The Island Defines Her, And Her Music
Karen Heller, NYT
Few artists are as yoked to one place as Emilio and Gloria Estefan, who have lived only in South Florida since arriving from Cuba. “It’s as close as we can be to our roots, and still live in this magnificent country with its freedom and its beauty,” says Estefan. She used the DNC fundraiser to speak with Obama about Cuba’s Ladies in White, relatives of jailed dissidents who were arrested for championing human rights. “It kills me that, as a Cuban exile, I can enjoy anything I want in Cuba, and Cuban citizens can’t,” she says. “I don’t want to go and have to shut up, or say something and have to go to jail.”

Increased Internet Access In Cuba Sheds Light On Systematic Repression Against Dissidents
Elena Toledo, PanAm Post
Sunday, November 26 turned out to be a perfect storm of events in Cuba. Not only did it mark the one-year anniversary of Fidel Castro’s death, but regional elections took place as well. On top of that, the activist group known as the Ladies in White continued their protests against political prisoners despite repressive measures carried out against them by the government. It was the 125th weekend of demonstrations by the group. This one proved somewhat different because activist Ángel Moya was able to photograph government officials in the act of repressing civilians, and then uploaded it Youtube.



Defector’s Family Returned To North Korea After Being Caught In China
Taehoon Lee and Joshua Berlinger, CNN
Chinese authorities have sent the wife of a North Korean defector back to the hermit state, despite an emotional plea from her husband to Chinese President Xi Jinping. Lee Tae-won told CNN Wednesday that a source inside North Korea had told him that his wife is being held in the border city of Sinuiju for interrogation, after being caught in China. “I will live my entire my life in guilt. It hurts so much and I feel so lonely,” Lee told CNN at a demonstration Wednesday outside the Chinese embassy in Seoul.

Russia Accuses US Of Deliberately Provoking North Korea
Holly Ellyatt, CNBC
Russia accuses US of deliberately provoking North Korea Russia accuses US of deliberately provoking North Korea 16 Mins Ago | 00:53 Russia’s foreign minister has accused the U.S. of not being straightforward about its intentions towards North Korea. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Thursday that the U.S. could have deliberately provoked North Korea to take tough actions, according to Russian state news agency TASS. “Washington’s recent steps seem to be deliberately aimed at provoking Pyongyang to take some tough actions,” he noted. The U.S. should openly say if its provocative actions are aimed at destroying North Korea,” he said, according to the news agency.



He Knows Communism Well. It’s What Made Him a Conservative.
Ed Feulner, The Daily Signal
At a recent event marking the release of his latest book, Just Right, I asked Dr. Lee Edwards why he’s a conservative. Was it because of his father, himself a famous writer? “No,” Lee promptly replied. “I’m a conservative because of communism.” It may be hard for many young people today, years after the Cold War has faded from memory and headlines, to understand what it was like to watch communism advancing after World War II.



Newly Exiled Venezuelan Opposition Leader Makes Rounds in Washington
Gonzalo Abarca and Luis Ramirez, VOA
The departure into exile of one of Venezuela’s main opposition leaders — the ousted mayor of Caracas — speaks of a crisis, humanitarian and political, that is reaching new proportions. In 2015, Venezuelan authorities seized the mayor and placed him under house arrest for voicing his opposition to the government of President Nicolas Maduro, Chavez’s successor. Ledezma was charged with conspiracy and working to overthrow the Maduro government, and had been under house arrest until last Friday.

Maduro To Seek Second Term In 2018
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro — who is battling a crippling economic crisis in his oil-rich, cash-poor nation — will seek re-election next year, Vice President Tareck El Aissami said Wednesday. The vice president, Tareck el-Aissami, pointed out that a second term for Maduro would round off a string of victories for the Socialist party.



Vietnam Court Upholds Jail Term for Blogger Despite US Protests
US News & World Report
A Vietnamese appeals court upheld a blogger’s 10-year prison sentence for Facebook posts alleged to be anti-state propaganda, her lawyer said Thursday, in the second tough sentence imposed on dissidents in a week that drew a rebuke from the U.S government. Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, also known as Mother Mushroom, was convicted in June of spreading propaganda by distorting government policies and defaming the communist regime.

Vietnam Wants to Control Social Media? Too Late.
Dien Luong, NYT
A new cybersecurity bill was released for public consultation in June but only garnered wide attention recently, when as the National Assembly was reconvening, the Chamber of Commerce stated its objections. The proposed law requires foreign tech giants like Google, Facebook and Skype to set up offices and data servers in Vietnam. The government sees the internet as a source of instability, but regulating it more strictly may be a source of instability as well — and even in an authoritarian state like Vietnam, some measure of popular support is crucial to a regime’s longevity.


November 30th, 1939: The USSR invades Finland, beginning the Winter War.