November 23rd, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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November 23rd, 2016


Cambodian Court Upholds Life Terms for 2 Khmer Rouge Leaders
Sopheng Cheang, THE HERALD
A special Cambodian court on Wednesday upheld the life sentences for the two most senior surviving members of the Khmer Rouge regime, which was responsible for the deaths of 1.7 million people. The court said the massive scale of the crimes showed the two men’s complete lack of consideration for the lives of the Cambodians.


Facebook Said to Create Censorship Tool to Get Back into China
Facebook has quietly developed software to suppress posts from appearing in people’s news feeds in specific geographic areas, according to three current and former employees. The feature was created to help Facebook get into China, a market where the social network has been blocked, these people said. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, has supported and defended the effort, the people added.

China Orders Residents of Xinjiang to Attend Weekly Flag-Raising Ceremonies
Chinese authorities in the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang have ordered local residents to show up at a weekly patriotic flag-raising ceremony and sing the national anthem, in a bid to boost loyalty to the ruling Chinese Communist Party. But the Munich-based World Uyghur Congress, a diaspora organization, said it feared the new rules are deliberately targeting the mostly Muslim, Turkic Uyghur ethnic group, many of whom are unhappy with Chinese rule.


China’s Xi Affirms Hong Kong Chief Amid Political Challenges
While few have embraced the calls for Hong Kong independence, Beijing routinely lashes out at any position seen as challenging the ruling Communist Party’s absolute authority. Hong Kong’s leader said Chinese President Xi Jinping has affirmed his handling of a political dispute in the Chinese-ruled territory, in which two recently elected legislators were barred from taking their seats.


North Korea Continues to Exploit South Korean Political Crisis
North Korean authorities have been holding propaganda lectures stating that South Korea will soon collapse and that the era of unification is imminent. The communist regime has been doggedly pursuing a strategy of reunification under communism with varying levels of intensity since the days of Kim Il-sung. North Korea may therefore capitalize on the current opportunity by engaging in psychological warfare and cyberattacks, in order to amplify instability in South Korean society.


Death Of TPP Trade Deal A Blow For Vietnam’s Promising Economy
Brett Davis, FORBES
Vietnam was set to be one of the major beneficiaries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which now seems all but dead after US president-elect Donald Trump declared withdrawing America from the pact would be one of his first actions in office. Under the deal, worker and environmental protections would have been necessary to implement, including workplace health and safety regulations, the elimination of child labor, and the protection of endangered species.