November 16th, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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November 16th, 2016


Justin Trudeau Meets with Cuban President Raul Castro, Affirms “True Friendship” Between  Canada and Cuba
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in Cuba on Tuesday evening, where the country’s president told him the island nation will not progress any faster than it already is. The message to the Canadian prime minister came as Trudeau tries to open up trade opportunities for Canadian companies that want to cash in on the Cuban government’s decision to loosen restrictions on foreign investment.


“We Have a Fake Election”: China Disrupts Local Campaigns
Havier C. Hernandez, THE NEW YORK TIMES
Tuesday was Election Day in Beijing, with thousands of seats for party-run local congresses up for grabs. But before the elections, there were no debates, town hall-style forums, social media wars or other hallmarks of participatory democracy. President Xi Jinping, who has vigorously blocked threats to the Communist Party’s dominance since coming to power in 2012, has taken a harsh stance against advocates for democracy and has sought to limit Western influences.

Booming E-Business and Tight Censorship: China Wants to Have the Internet Both Ways
Jane Cai and Mandy Zuo, BUSINESS INSIDER 
The Chinese Communist Party wants to allow a booming business-wise internet while maintaining rigid ideological control. The country has a huge online police team patrolling the internet and is enhancing the “Great Firewall” as a border control line to keep unwelcomed barbarians like Google and Twitter out.


BBC World Service to Transmit Radio Show into North Korea
The Korean service, to be launched in the spring, will be transmitted in short wave to try to evade the communist government’s censors. According to BBC Monitoring, as of Tuesday North Korean state media had still not reported Donald Trump’s victory in last week’s US presidential election. The radio service suggests the North Korean authorities will struggle to keep media away from their population in future years.


Russia Withdraws Signature from International Criminal Court’s Founding Statute
Moscow said Wednesday it is formally withdrawing its signature from the founding statute of the International Criminal Court, saying the tribunal has failed to live up to the hopes of the international community. In 2000 Russia signed the Rome Statute setting up the ICC, the world’s first permanent war crimes court, but never ratified the treaty.