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Interfaith Ceremony Commemorates Vietnamese Victims

Interfaith Ceremony at the VOC Memorial Commemorating the Vietnamese Victims of Communism

On Saturday, August 29th the Vietnamese American community organized the first annual interfaith ceremony to commemorate the millions of Vietnamese victims of communism at the Victims of Communism Memorial.

This July, a visit to the Victims of Communism Memorial inspired the Vietnamese Diaspora to establish a “Day of Prayer for Victims of Vietnamese Communism.” Since communism took over, Vietnam has fought four wars, was subjected to a devastating land reform program that took 200,000 lives, underwent the Hue massacre, forced its citizens to attend reeducation camps, and lost more than 400,000 people trying to escape the regime. Between 1946 and 1989, communism has caused the deaths of more than five million people in Vietnam. The small commemoration was joined by representatives of several faiths, including those from the Hoa Hao Buddhist and Cao Dai churches.
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