Holodomor Memorial Dedication Ceremony

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Holodomor Memorial Dedication Ceremony

On Saturday, November 7 there will be an exhibit and dedication ceremony for the Holodomor Memorial in Washington, DC.

The Holodomor famine took place from 1932 to 1933, under the regime of the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. This man-made famine, artificially created by the regime to destroy those seeking independence from the Soviet Union, caused the death of around 7 to 10 million people. 

The memorial, authorized by Congress in 2006, commemorates the millions of innocent victims of the famine engineered by Stalin’s communist regime.

For more information of the history of Holodomor click here

Dedication Flyer July 2015

Nov 7, 2015
2:00pm — 5:00pm

Holodomor Memorial, 2 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington , DC