December 7th, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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December 7th, 2016


Cuba, US to Discuss Détente in Wake of Trump Election
Sarah Marsh and Matt Spetalnick, REUTERS
Cuba and the United States will draw up a roadmap for deepening their détente on Wednesday in a first meeting since the election of Donald Trump as US president and the death of Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro. The fifth US-Cuban bilateral commission comes at a time of increased uncertainty about the future of US-Cuban relations given Trump’s promise to end the detente if Cuba did not offer a better “deal.”


North Korea “Hacks South Korean Military Cyber Command”
Charlotte England, INDEPENDENT 
North Korea has hacked South Korea’s military cyber command, Seoul has alleged. Pyongyang, which is believed to employ thousands of people in cyber warfare, has been accused of hacking into banks and media outlets in South Korea before, but never the military. Classified information is thought to have been hacked, South Korean officials said on Tuesday, but it is not yet clear exactly what data was accessed.


Putin’s Gulag
Marc Bennetts, POLITICO 
In December 2015, Ildar Dadin became the first person to be jailed under a controversial law that stipulates prison time for anyone repeatedly detained at illegal protests. The law, approved by Putin in July 2014, effectively outlaws any form of public dissent that has not been sanctioned by the authorities. Dadin wrote a letter to his wife, documenting the horrendous abuse he was exposed to at penal colony No. 7 in Karelia, Zotova. “Modern Russian prison camps are a direct continuation of the Soviet-era gulag system,” said Vladimir Osechkin, the founder of the human rights website,, which translates as “No to the Gulag.” “Often, they are even located in the very same camps where prisoners were executed.”


Venezuelan Police Refuse to Release Milton Friedman Prize Winner
Sabrina Martin, PANAMPOST 
A Venezuelan court on Monday ordered the release of political prisoner Yon Goicochea. His defense lawyer, Nizar El Fakih, reported through his Twitter account that the court with relevant jurisdiction had given him his freedom. For his part, Ernesto Romero, who is also a defense lawyer for the political leader of Venezuela‘s Popular Will Party, reported that Goicochea was ordered to be released on October 20; yet they are still waiting for his release.


The US Will Let Taiwan’s President Transit in New York City in a Rebuff to China
Charlie Campbell, TIME
US officials have rejected China’s request that Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen be prevented from making a stopover in New York City next month, as the fallout continues from President-elect Donald Trump’s protocol-busting phone call last week. Trump spoke with Tsai by telephone for 10 minutes on Friday, in the first direct contact between the leaders of the US and Taiwan since diplomatic relations were severed in 1979.