December 14th, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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December 14th, 2016


Khmer Rouge Tribunal Split Over Possible Trial of Former Regime Governor
Hul Reaksmey, VOA
Cambodian prosecutors at the Khmer Rouge tribunal have found themselves once again at odds with their international counterparts, this time over whether the court has jurisdiction to take to trial Im Chaem, a former district governor in the communist regime.


Cuban Artist “El Sexto” Writes Letter from Prison Denouncing Ongoing Oppression
Karina Martín, PANAMPOST.COM
Cuban graffiti artist Danilo Maldonado, better known as “El Sexto,” managed to get out a letter from the Valle Grande prison outside Havana, Cuba in which he alludes to the struggle against the Castro regime. “As long as we continue to lower our heads with a salary of disgust, with nothing to eat, emigrating and demanding from the outside what we are not able to demand as human beings here … (those things) will remain the norm of Cuban society,” he wrote.

The Price in Cuba of a Journalism that Reaches More People
Yusimi Rodriguez, HAVANA TIMES
While tributes to the recently deceased former Cuban president Fidel Castro continue and the European Union is dropping its Common Position with regard to Cuba, restrictions of freedom of speech and press still exist here. On Monday November 28, Manuel Guerra and Lisbey Lora, the director and editor of Cimarron de Mayabeque, the newsletter of the Cuban Institute for Freedom of Expression and the Press (ICLEP), were arrested. Their families didn’t know anything about this until Thursday night. They were unable to visit them as people arrested in their unit could only receive visits seven days after their arrest.

Dissident Jailed in Cuba for Refusing to Mourn Castro’s Death, Family Says
The daughter of a Cuban dissident says her father was beaten and taken to jail for refusing to mourn the death of Fidel Castro. Elizabeth Pacheco tells NBC 6 Cuban government security officers warned Eduardo Pacheco, who leads a gathering of the Movimento Recuperación Democrático, that he could not host his monthly meeting with the opposition organization because he is supposed to be in mourning. She says several officers tackled her father and took him into custody. His whereabouts are unknown.


Lesson for Trump in Hong Kong: Try to Bounce China At Your Peril
CY Leung’s decision not to seek a second term as Hong Kong’s chief executive is a disappointing denouement for a man who once seemed uniquely qualified to bridge the divide between his free, open city and China’s Communist rulers. His failure to be that bridge also highlights an important lesson for Donald Trump, as the US president-elect threatens to turn diplomatic precedent with Beijing upside down.


Can Smuggled TV Shows Change North Korea?
The North Korean government views the possession of unauthorized foreign information and media as a crime against the state, with punishments ranging from hard labor in political prison camps to the death penalty. Despite such draconian consequences, ordinary North Koreans are consuming foreign media at a rapid pace. Interviews with defectors and research in the country make clear that seeds of doubt about the regime are being planted in North Koreans’ minds, prompting new ideas, and more autonomous thinking.


Polish Defense Minister: Communist Leaders to Be Stripped of General Rank
Poland’s defense minister has said that Wojciech Jaruzelski and Czesław Kiszczak, top officials in Communist-era Poland, will be stripped of their General rank, as they commited crimes against the nation. Jaruzelski was First Secretary of the Polish United Workers’ Party when he imposed martial law in Poland on 13 December, 1981, exactly 35 years ago. Kiszcak served as interior minister at the time. On that date, the communists cracked down on the Solidarity pro-democracy movement, marking a dark chapter in modern Polish history. Thousands of opposition activists were jailed and dozens were killed around Poland.


Europe Braces for Russian Hacking in Upcoming Elections
David M. Herszenhorn, POLITICO
European governments are bracing for cyber-meddling by Moscow in upcoming national elections in France, the Netherlands and Germany. Amid uproar in the United States over CIA findings that Russian hackers interceded in the election to help President-elect Donald Trump, a series of incidents in Europe have led to stark warnings by high-level officials, particularly in Germany, and by cybersecurity experts who say online political and information warfare is certain to worsen.


Pageant Silences Beauty Queen, a Critic of China, at US Contest
During the Miss World pageant taking place in Washington, DC this year, Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin has been barred from speaking to news media, according to friends and relatives. They said that officials with the London-based pageant have also refused to allow Ms. Lin to attend the American premiere of a movie in which she appears. The film, The Bleeding Edge, has angered Beijing with its dramatization of what human rights advocates describe as government-run programs that harvest the organs of Chinese prisoners of conscience.

How Russia Went from Uniting to Dividing US Politics
Greg Myre, NPR
The Soviet Union, which collapsed 25 years ago on Christmas Day, united the American political establishment for decades, generating a unanimous view that Moscow represented the primary threat to the US. Today’s Russia is having the opposite effect, dividing many Republicans and Democrats and illustrating the larger breakdown of a national consensus on major foreign policy questions.


Entering a “World of Economic Chaos,” Venezuela Struggles With Hyperinflation
Venezuela’s struggling economy just passed another grim milestone: it’s the seventh country in Latin America to ever experience hyperinflation. The term “hyperinflation” is often bandied about, but it’s actually quite rare, and only happens when monthly inflation exceeds 50 percent for more than 30 consecutive days. On Dec. 3, Venezuela did just that, becoming the 57th known case of hyperinflation since France suffered the malaise in 1795.