Chapter 2

Supplementary Materials


Communism will Always be Violent (3 minutes)
Oppression and Surveillance (3 minutes)
20th December 1917: Establishment of the Cheka, the Russian Bolshevik secret police (3 minutes) 
The Truth About Stalin’s Prison Camps (6 minutes)
The Cheka: Lenin’s Soviet Secret Police (11 minutes)
*The Inner Circle / Full Length Movie / 1991 / Available on Amazon Prime
The Bloody History of Communism Full (129 minutes)
*Violence, adult situations, and disturbing content. For older students only. Consider gaining parental permission.


In Search of Used Toothpaste (37 minutes), Erik Seligman



Darkness at Noon by Author Koestler (1940)
Drawings from the Gulag by Danzig Baldaev (2010)
The Anti-Humans by Dumitru Bacu (2016)
Red Terror in Russia 1918-1923 by S.P. Mulganov (1924)
The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression by Stephane Curtois (1997)
The Great Terror by Robert Conquest (1968)


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Learn the terms, ideologies, events, and people of Communism.

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Explore how the ideology is maintained by violence and information control.

Communism and Religion

Study how communist regimes have sought to destroy God and religion.