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TV appearances

VOC Executive Director Marion Smith Discuss VOC’s Annual Report on U.S. Attitudes Towards Socialism on The O’Reilly Factor 10/21/2016

VOC Executive Director Marion Smith comments on human rights and President Obama’s historic Cuba trip on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper 3/21/16

VOC Executive Director Marion Smith discusses President Obama and Fidel Castro’s joint press conference, the human rights reality in Cuba, and what America’s role should be on Al Jazeera 3/21/2016

VOC Executive Director Marion Smith comments on President Obama’s historic trip to Cuba on Fox News Channel’s Special Report with Bret Baier 3/18/16

VOC Executive Director Marion Smith discusses China’s removal of the one child policy on CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow 10/31/15

VOC Executive Director Marion Smith discusses the opening of the U.S. embassy in Havana and the conspicuous absence of Cuban dissidents on MSNBC’s The Rundown with José Díaz-Balart 8/14/2015

VOC Executive Director Marion Smith speaks about the legacy of communism on The Source with Ezra Levant on Canada’s Sun News Network 6/16/2014


How Did America Forget What ‘Socialist’ Means? by Marion Smith. Politico, 3/22/2016

Obama Rewarding Oppression in Cuba by Marion Smith. CNN.com, 7/20/2015

Yes, Communism is Still With Us by Lee Edwards. Human Events, 6/19/2015

The West is trying to move past Tiananmen — here’s why it can’t by Henry Li. Washington Examiner, 6/4/2015

Rain on Putin’s Parade by Marion Smith. National Review, 5/7/2015

The Berlin Wall Fell, but Communism Didn’t by Marion Smith. Wall Street Journal, 11/11/2014

Remember the victims of communism by Amb. Žygimantas Pavilionis and Marion Smith. USA Today, 8/24/2014

The Collapse of Communism by Lee Edwards. The Daily Signal, 6/27/2014

Remembering Communism’s Toll by Lee Edwards. Real Clear Politics, 6/12/2014

Media mentions

Millennials Like Communism More Than Their Parents Do. Capitalism? Not So Much
The Huffington Post Canada, 10/18/2016

Bush Is Worse Than Stalin? Millennials Say US President Killed More People Than Communist Leader
International Business Times, 10/18/2016

Russia critics, museums square off over Senate artwork bill
Politico, 9/15/2016

EXCLUSIVE: Polish Secretary Of State Says Image Of A ‘Broken State’ Is ‘Rubbish’
The Daily Caller, 6/28/2016

China Suspected in Hack of Tiananmen Anniversary
The Washington Free Beacon, 6/03/2016

Nutty professor: Rutgers teacher who said US worse than ISIS has history of bizarre statements
Fox News, 7/31/2015

A Cuban Flag Rises in the District of Columbia
The Atlantic, 7/20/2015

Democracies working with tyrants a ‘kick in the balls’
Washington Examiner 6/12/2015

Anti-Communist Group Honors Cuban Dissident Who ‘Lost Hope’ in Obama
The Daily Signal 6/12/2015

Cuban dissident, hunger strike survivor, to receive Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom
Fox News, 6/10/2015

Never Forget: Communism Destroys Lives
The Federalist, 4/23/2015

Impromptus: The cruelty of comedy, &c.
National Review, 2/25/2015

Welcome to North Korea

7 Remarkable Signs From The Hong Kong Protests
Buzzfeed, 12/3/2014

First a Memorial, Then A Museum
The Weekly Standard, 12/1/2014

Faced With Communism, Hong Kong Should Remind Us of the Value of Democracy
The Epoch Times, 11/28/2014

Media Acknowledges The “Fall Of Communism,” But Communist Regimes Endure
Western Journalism, 11/13/2014

Celebrating the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Heartland, 11/13/2014

While Media Acknowledge the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Communist Regimes Endure
Accuracy in Media, 11/11/2014

‘Year of Miracles,’ 25 Years On
National Review,11/9/2014

Ten Super Disturbing Ways Communism Is Being Made Cool Again
Buzzfeed, 10/22/2014

A high school curriculum that teaches the truth about communism
Human Events, 8/29/2014

Communism’s Victims Deserve a Museum
The Daily Beast, 8/25/2014

“Black Ribbon Day” Commemorates Victims of Communism
Town Hall, 8/23/2014

75 Years Ago, an Evil Alliance Was Formed. Why Do We Struggle to Remember It?
The Blaze, 8/23/2014

European Victims of Communism, Fascism to Be Honored on Black Ribbon Day
Washington Free Beacon, 8/22/2014

Remembering the Victims of Communism
Washington Times, 8/21/2014

Living Not by Lies
National Review Online, 7/7/2014

Marynovych: Overcoming the dangerous Soviet Communist heritage of Putinism
Ukraine Business, 6/28/2014

Morning Bites
The Washington Post, 6/23/2014

Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Pushes For Museum In D.C.
CNSNews, 6/18/2014

Cold War casualties of communism seek museum on National Mall
The Washington Times, 6/17/2014

Good News Ukraine
KyivPost, 6/16/2014

Pro-Democracy Activist: ‘Situation in Ukraine…Is Very Dangerous’
CNSNews, 6/11/2014

Tiananmen Square Students Were Victims of Communism
Daily Caller, 6/4/2014

Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Honors Ukrainian Human Rights Activists
The Washington Free Beacon, 5/13/2014

Anti-communism group sees Soviet threat in Putin’s Ukraine grab
Washington Examiner, 3/5/2014