September 22nd, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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September 22nd, 2016


Armenia Marks 25th Anniversary of Independence
Armenia is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its independence on Wednesday. In a referendum on September 21, 1991, the population voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence from the USSR. Long before the tabulation of the voting results, big crowds were heading to the streets to mark the occasion.


China Sentences Activist Lawyer to 12 Years on Fraud Charges
Christopher Bodeen, THE WASHINGTON POST
A Chinese lawyer who defended activists and others involved in politically sensitive cases was sentenced to 12 years in prison Thursday on fraud charges, his lawyers said, in what is believed to be the harshest penalty handed down in years against those few willing to take on the ruling Communist Party.


Cuba’s Communist Party Paper Publishes US Election Info Notice
Cuba’s Communist Party newspaper Granma published on Wednesday a US embassy notice advising Americans living on the island on how to register for the November 8th presidential election, another sign of thawing relations between the former Cold War foes. Granma habitually publishes electoral information for other countries, but this is the first time it has done so for the United States, a US embassy official confirmed.


This Side of North Korea Has Been Long Overlooked by the West
Alexander Dukalskis, BUSINESS INSIDER
North Korea essentially has two international images: the bellicose nuclear provocateur run by a mad dictator, and the impoverished country in dire need of humanitarian aid. The Kim regime acknowledged “great suffering” and deployed labor teams to assist affected communities. These events evoke the famine of the mid-1990s, during which somewhere between 600,000 and 1 million people died.


Russia ‘To Revive The KGB’ After Vladimir Putin Wins Biggest Majority
Marc Bennetts, THE TELEGRAPH
Russia plans effectively to revive the KGB under a massive shake-up of its security forces, a respected business daily has reported. A State Security Ministry, or MGB, would be created from the current Federal Security Service (FSB) , and would incorporate the foreign intelligence service (SVR) and the state guard service (FSO), under the plans. It would be handed all-encompassing powers once possessed by the KGB.