September 19th, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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September 19th, 2016


Fear and Loathing in Beijing

The Beijing government thus fears the demonstration effect of Chinese people ruling themselves democratically: completely in Taiwan; partially, but with a powerful veto, in Hong Kong. When the Beijing government looks at the immensely long queues of dead-serious citizen-voters in Hong Kong, whose verdict was thumbs down on China’s efforts to administer their territory properly, what do they see? Even longer queues in China proper, voting on them, with the ultimate verdict also thumbs down.


Cubans Don’t Benefit from American Business — Castro Does

Easy money from expensive visas is a relatively minor example of the regime’s so-far successful efforts to reap direct benefit from the new relationship with the United States. Even more important is the fact that the Cuban armed forces own the country’s dominant tourism companies, and those firms are expanding their role in anticipation of an American influx.


North Korea’s Deadly Floods Undermine the Nation’s Projection of Power

Jessica Meyers and Barbara Demick, LOS ANGELES TIMES
More than 100,000 people have fled their homes and hundreds are missing in floods that North Korea is calling its worst disaster since World War II, prompting a rare admission of weakness from one of the world’s most belligerent states. The devastation is slowly fueling a humanitarian crisis that undermines the regime’s credibility just as it tries to demonstrate strength.


The Kremlin’s Election Show

Ola Cichowlas, REUTERS
The last time Russia held a parliamentary election, in 2011, Moscow erupted in massive anti-Putin demonstrations over widespread charges of vote-rigging. Since then, the Kremlin has cracked down hard, which has forced the protest leadership underground. This time, the Kremlin has sought to make sure there will be no street protests – yet is determined for the vote to look squeaky clean.


President of Poland Leads Solemn Ceremony at New Britain Township Shrine

Thousands attended the dedication of the monument, which honors Polish underground soldiers who fought against communist rule in Poland between 1944 and 1963. Having a Polish president acknowledge the suffering of Poles by Soviets — after decades of being covered up by Polish communist authorities — filled Siemienowski with emotion.